‘The Flash’ Actor Rick Cosnett Comes Out As Gay On Instagram: ‘Hi Everyone, Dramatic Pause, I’m Gay’

Rick Cosnett attends the premiere of Billy Boy

Rick Cosnett, who previously starred the CW series, The Flash, came out as gay on Valentine’s Day in an Instagram video, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The actor filmed himself in a selfie-style video. He started by saying, “Hi everyone. Dramatic pause. I’m gay.”

The charming video continued with the Australian actor discussing why he felt it was important to come out publically. He talked about wanting to live his truth every day and find a way to battle the subconscious things in his mind that he has carried with him from his childhood and society.

He also commented that most people probably already knew about his sexuality anyway.

At the end of the clip, he joked about the fact he had a visible stye on his eye, saying it added to the overall “drama, of the whole thing.”

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