Giancarlo Stanton Trade Rumors: Slugger Reveals New List Of Teams He Would Play For

Giancarlo Stanton With The Miami Marlins

The Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors have taken another turn. Late Thursday (December 7), Stanton released the names of the teams for which he is willing to waive his no-trade clause. Due to a clause in his current contract, Stanton has the ability to veto any deal that the Miami Marlins come up with, giving the National League MVP a lot of negotiating power.

A report by MLB analyst Ken Rosenthal presented the latest information on the situation between Stanton and the Marlins, using the term “fluid” as he explained what has been taking place over the past 48 hours. While the Marlins had been negotiating in earnest with the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals over a trade that would include their best hitter, Stanton has revealed that he doesn’t want to play in either city. Rosenthal calls this a “fluid” situation, as it’s possible Stanton could change his mind again.

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