Texas Father Anthony Sanders Cleared Of Killing 2-Year-Old Daughter After 7-Year-Old Son Confesses

Murder charges dropped against Anthony Sanders, Texas father accused of murdering 2-year-old daughter.

Since April 2016, 33-year-old Texas father Anthony Michael Sanders has been behind bars, accused of doing the unthinkable: smothering his 2-year-old daughter to death. The alleged murder of little Ellie Mae Sanders took place in December 2015, and investigators believed that her father had suffocated the toddler by placing his hand over her mouth, possibly because he was angry that she had interrupted him while he was playing his video games.

Since he first became a suspect in his daughter’s death, Anthony Sanders denied any involvement. As PEOPLE reports, the Texas father told investigators from the beginning that he found his daughter already deceased after his then 5-year-old son told him that the little girl was sleeping and “wouldn’t wake up.” Prosecutors in the case of the death of Ellie Mae Sanders didn’t believe her father’s story, and he was charged with capital murder.

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