Republican Senator Who Called Nancy Pelosi ‘Retarded’ In Twitter Post Claims It Was A Typo

Kevin Cramer in Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump.

A Republican senator who called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “retarded” in a tweet now claims that the offensive term was a slip of the finger.

Kevin Cramer, the junior senator from North Dakota, replied to a video clip posted about Pelosi’s work on passing a coronavirus relief bill by writing, “She’s retarded.” As KFYR-TV reported, the tweet was quickly deleted and Cramer claimed that he was trying to type a different word.

“I was literally typing with my thumbs ‘she’s ridiculous’ and I sent it. Of course, when I saw what I posted I deleted it,” Cramer told Inforum, via KFYR-TV.

Cramer went on to say that he did not realize the typo at first, but quickly deleted it after realizing what he had written.

“A few minutes later I went in and was doing another tweet, retweeting one of the president’s tweets, and I saw it,” he said. “I thought ‘what the hell’ and deleted it.”

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