‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Speaks Out Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘We’re Trying To Stay Positive’

Briana DeJesus poses for a picture at the 'Teen Mom 2' reunion

Fans have been wondering how Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is holding up amidst the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world.

The Florida native’s mom has lupus, making her high risk, and her youngest daughter has a heart condition. The reality show star spoke out to The Hollywood Gossip and revealed how she and her family are handling things.

She explained that as of right now, things are going “ok” for her family. Recently, the DeJesus family moved into a new home and currently Briana lives with her mother, sister, and two daughters. She went on to reveal that Orlando is not currently on a lock down so people are able to go out. Although there isn’t currently an order to stay inside, Briana admits that is exactly what she and her family are doing.

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