Tucker Carlson Accuses Michael Bloomberg Of Trying To ‘Buy’ Voters, The Presidency: A ‘Nightmare Scenario’

michael bloomberg split-screen with tucker carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had some fighting words for Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, with the politico accusing the former New York mayor of trying to “buy” votes, according to Fox News.

Carlson’s assertions come just as new data shows Bloomberg climbing to nearly 15 percent in the national polls after spending nearly half a billion dollars on an aggressive ad campaign.

However, the political analyst claimed that despite the number of Bloomberg advertisements, very few of his commercials or other media blitzes contained substantive information about his platform or ideas. For example, Bloomberg’s recent social media campaign had Instagram influencers promoting the New York businessman by stating he was the “cool” candidate rather than discussing his record.

According to Carlson, this is a deliberate choice on Bloomberg’s part.

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