Katie Holmes Reportedly Betrayed Tom Cruise With Jamie Foxx: Now Faces Alleged Betrayal From ‘Bad Boy’ Beau

Tom Cruise reportedly felt betrayed by Katie Holmes' romance with Jamie Foxx, but now it's Suri Cruise's mom who allegedly feels betrayed.

Katie Holmes just can’t seem to get a break when it comes to the rude rumor mill. First Holmes faced endless reports that despite trying to keep her romance private, she and Jamie Foxx were having a secret affair. When Katie and Jamie finally confirmed those romantic rumors by going out together in public, speculation soared that Holmes had somehow betrayed her ex-husband Tom Cruise by dating Foxx, who used to be Tom’s buddy. Now, in the newest report about Katie, the mom of Suri Cruise is allegedly being betrayed herself by Jamie.

Suri Cruise’s Mom Betrayed By Beau?

According to Radar Online, Holmes felt disgraced and “horrified” when she reportedly discovered that Foxx himself had allegedly “betrayed” an ill family member.

“[Katie Holmes] is blindsided by new bad boy beau’s secret double life.”

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