Depression Cure? Could Psychedelic Drugs Like Special K, LSD, And Psilocybin Mushrooms Be An Answer? [Opinion]

psychedelic enlightenment and treating depression

Depression is now the world’s most widespread illness according to Fortune. The World Health Organization or WHO estimates that 322 million people suffered from depression in 2015, and the suicide rate has increased by 24 percent in the United States from 1999 to 2014 according to the New York Times.

Psychedelic drugs like Ketamine have been found to be effective in treating depression in clinical settings. Ketamine, known on the street as Special K, has yielded tremendous results in fighting depression in clinical trials in the United States. Dr. Thomas Draschil of Noetic Psychiatry revealed the amazing results to KSL.

“There’s no drug that reduces depression as fast and as robustly as ketamine does. Almost all of the clinics were reporting 75 to 90 percent response rates. That number is so high, it’s difficult to believe.”

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