Robin Wright, 54, Looks Flawless As She Poses On Her Bath In Star-Print Pajamas

Robin Wright poses for a photo in Los Angeles.

Robin Wright made pajamas look fashionable in the most recent photograph that was shared on her Instagram page. The 54-year-old added the update to her feed on Thursday, September 25, and it’s generated a lot of buzz from her 500,000-plus fans.

The photo captured Wright posed on the edge of a bath that was made of white and grey marble. There was a window directly over the tub, and the outdoor reflection could be seen in the mirror as an abundance of sunshine came spilling in. A flower vase, candle, and glass container sat on the ledge beside the actress. Wright scooted her derriere toward the edge on the bath and extended her feet in front of her. She faced her chest toward the camera, resting one arm on her thigh and the opposite in her hair, gazing off to the side with an alluring stare.

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