‘Logan’ With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine And Patrick Stewart’s Xavier Of X-Men: Terrifying And Bloody [Opinion]

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart star in Logan

Logan, starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, is the most horrifying X-Men film yet, but not in the way one might think. In Logan, Wolverine AKA Logan and Xavier face a very real enemy, as well as the usual comic book based villains.

Of course, Logan features the same dose of violence, gore and great action that X-Men fans have become accustomed to. There are armies of bad guys for Hugh Jackman to fight as Wolverine, and Logan even features some children to protect, but at the same time, Logan is doubly terrifying because Wolverine and Xavier are not the men they used to be, as the Rolling Stone noted.

“The artist formerly known as Wolverine [Hugh Jackman] is now a boozer who limps, wears glasses and scrapes out a living by chauffeuring bachelorette parties… It’s not easy watching Professor [Xavier] suffer seizures that rattle his telepathic brain and shake up anyone in the vicinity.”

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