Busy Philipps Shares A Pre-Pandemic Selfie, Compares The Past Several Months To ‘A Movie’

Busy Philipps speaks on the "Busy Tonight" panel

Busy Philipps was feeling a little nostalgic for a time before the pandemic late Sunday night, so she shared a selfie taken back in March on Instagram.

According to her, the photograph was taken on March 9, at the “last party” she went to this year. She said at the time, people were not that concerned with the coronavirus and did not anticipate the pandemic becoming a full-blown “thing,” but Busy thought otherwise.

That entire day, she claimed she felt as if “we were in the first five minutes of a movie.”

Looking back on that moment, the Cougar Town alumna reflected that she was sad she had been correct about it all but was even more saddened by the fact she is not positive that we have made it to the midpoint of the movie in question yet.

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