Brad Pitt Called Face Masks ‘Considerate’ In 2019 Before The Pandemic

Brad Pitt attends the 2020 Academy Awards

Brad Pitt is ahead of the curve when it comes to wearing face masks. A 2019 video of the actor has resurfaced where he admitted that wearing face masks is “considerate” and he wondered why we don’t do it more often in America. The video, which was rediscovered by Daily Mail, was taken when Brad was in Tokyo, Japan promoting Ad Astra last year.

The Once Upon a Time In Hollywood actor pointed out someone in the crowd who was wearing a face mask when the conversation veered off-topic.

“I see someone in a face mask back there,” he said.

The conversation started out of nowhere after he answered a line of questions from reporters. Brad seemed to notice the attendee while a translator was reading his previous answer to the crowd and he looked eager to point him out.

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