Donald Trump Bragged About ‘Very Good Call’ With Vladimir Putin Weeks After First Briefing On Russian Bounties

Donald Trump shakes hands with Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump was personally briefed on intelligence that Russia was secretly offering bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing U.S. troops in March 2019, a new report claims.

In the weeks after first learning about the bounties, Trump said nothing publicly about the assessment and even went on to brag about a “very good call” he had with Vladimir Putin and the “tremendous potential” for a relationship with Russia.

As The Associated Press reported on Monday, top White House officials were first aware of classified intelligence regarding the Russian bounties in early 2019, more than a year earlier than had originally been known. The report noted that the assessment was included in at least one of the written daily intelligence briefings delivered to Trump at the time, and former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly told colleagues that he had briefed Trump on the assessment in March 2019.

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