WWE Rumors: Details Of Reported Company-Wide Email Sent By Vince McMahon Revealed

Vince McMahon appears on WWE television

According to PWInsider, Vince McMahon reportedly sent out an important email to every WWE employee on Wednesday afternoon. The contents of the email addressed the importance of diversity and the company’s support of it following the death of George Floyd, who was suffocated by a police officer in Minnesota last week.

In the email, McMahon also announced some of the support that will be available to employees moving forward. These services include 24/7 mental health counselling and an outlet for addressing diversity concerns, should any matter ever need to be brought to the company’s attention. The email also reportedly contained some links to diversity training courses, which will be available to WWE staff members free-of-charge.

Floyd’s death has opened up more conversations about racism in America, and WWE has taken a stance on the matter. As documented by Sportskeeda, the company released an official statement about its dedication to diversity earlier this week.

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