Instagram Model Raquel Benetti Shows Off Her Fit Body In A Tight Top And Tiny Shorts

Raquel Benetti posts a selfie on Instagram

Instagram model Raquel Benetti showcased her athletic figure on a soccer field for her latest upload. She wore a tight white top and small workout shorts for the cute snap, and posted about trying to beat her own record for juggling a soccer ball.

The former professional soccer player is as well-known for her exploits with a ball as she is for her stunning figure, and in this post she discussed working on her skills. She was photographed on an indoor soccer pitch and tagged the location as Soccer Labs Analia Franco which is located in her hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Benetti routinely posts videos of her impressive juggling and has been dubbed “The Muse of the Freestylers,” and in her caption mentioned she is training to beat her personal record of juggling a ball for over two hours and forty-nine minutes.

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