Surfer Receives A $1,000 Fine After Ignoring Coronavirus Closure In Manhattan Beach

A sign is posted in front of the closed pier

Manhattan Beach, a hotspot for surfers in California, has closed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, a surfer ignored the closure to go surfing and has received a $ 1,000 citation for his recklessness, reports The Los Angeles Times.

According to Easy Reader News, the surfer was told not to go into the water by a Los Angeles County Lifeguard but chose to ignore the lifeguard and allegedly became belligerent.

“Go ahead and arrest me,” the surfer reportedly told the lifeguard. The article states he also used several expletives when speaking with the lifeguard, which prompted him to contact his supervisor, Captain Jeff Horn. Horn then reached out to the Manhattan police.

The article continued, saying, “The Los Angeles County code defines beaches to include the ocean within 1,000 feet of the shoreline, effectively banning not only surfers who cross the beach to reach the surf, but also those who arrive by boat, Horn said.”

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