Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Shiloh’s Stunned & Furious As The Test Results On Wiley Cause Chaos

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General Hospital spoilers tease that Friday’s episode may finally bring about a major revelation in the baby swap story that will wreak havoc throughout Port Charles. It may take a while before the entire truth about Wiley’s paternity is known, but previews hint that the wheels are finally, truly, in motion after a year filled with secrets.

Viewers watched during Thursday’s show as Shiloh got the call that the DNA test he sneakily ran on Wiley had been finished. He ran into Lucas and got a bit ahead of himself when he made it seem that he expected Wiley to be in his custody immediately upon opening the test results.

Of course, as fans know, the test results will not tell Shiloh what he expected. Wiley isn’t his biological son and General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will not take this news well.

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