Olivia Culpo Looks Sexy In Tiny Tube Dress On Instagram

Olivia Culpo

Despite all the rumors about her personal life, Olivia Culpo seems to be living her best life and she wants everyone to know it!

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to share a couple of pictures of herself enjoying a delicious-looking cocktail at a Cointreau party. And it wasn’t just any regular cocktail: it was her very own drink, which she specifically designed for the brand, and named it The Red Carpet Cosmos. Her outfit was on point, as Olivia donned a tiny red polka dot tube dress that hugged her figure and showed plenty of skin, which she paired with matching red heels and red clutch. In the pictures, the model is seen proudly holding her designer cocktail as she strikes a sexy pose. For the most eager fans, she also announced in her caption that the recipe would be coming soon.

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