Calls For Sarah Sanders’ Resignation Rise As Independent Expert Verifies She Tweeted Doctored Video

Sarah Sanders

On Thursday, an independent expert verified that the video that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted out alongside her words explaining why Jim Acosta’s press credentials were revoked was doctored.

According to an AP News report, Abba Shapiro, an independent video producer, who trains instructors on using software for video editing, examined the video released by Sanders alongside the AP’s video of the incident. Shapiro concluded that the footage that Donald Trump’s press secretary tweeted out sped up Acosta’s arm movement as it came into contact with the White House intern’s arm. Additionally, Shapiro noted that frames in the video were paused so that it remained the same length as the video the AP took during the incident.

The expert also pointed out that the video in the tweet did not contain audio making it easier to doctor. Shapiro said that the differences between the two versions of the video were “too precise to be an accident.”

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