Matt Reeves Clarifies His Statement Regarding ‘Batman’ Solo Movie Being Part Of The DCEU

Batman, Ben Affleck

With all kinds of news coming from Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe, rumors have been swirling about the solo Batman movie. Not only has their been plenty of talk about whether or not Ben Affleck would continue to portray the Caped Crusader, but there have also been questions about whether or not the solo film would be a part of the DCEU and its continuity, based on comments that were made by director Matt Reeves. While the continued rumors about Affleck’s involvement cast doubt on the actor’s future with the DCEU, it appears that at least one rumor can be laid to rest. It would seem that the rumors about the Batman movie not being a part of the DCEU are unfounded, and that the director’s own statement was simply misunderstood.

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